Tariffic’s sophisticated software will analyse your corporate cell phone bill.


Tariffic will recommend the most effective contract and bundle combinations based on your employees’ actual usage patterns.


Tariffic will ensure your business and its employees always save as much money as possible.

Are you paying too much on your corporate cell phone bill?

With four networks, six service providers and more than 10 000 different contract and bundle combinations currently available in South Africa, it’s almost impossible to know whether your business has the right cell phone contracts and bundle combinations for its staff.

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Not Convinced?

Take a look at Tariffic’s pilot studies in which we have shown that most companies will be able to save anywhere between 30% and 90% on their monthly cell phone spend.

Completely Independent

Tariffic is not affiliated to any of the cell phone networks - our goal is to save you as much money as possible on your corporate cell phone bill.


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