May 28, 2015

What’s the deal?

Cell C are offering customers up to R10,000 for moving to one of their new EPIC contracts. This cash should go towards settling the termination fee that you may have to pay to cancel your current contract.

Customers can also get a new phone with the deal, if they choose to take a 24 month EPIC contract.

The deal is primarily targeting cell phone users who are looking to move to Cell C from their existing network operators.

What’s the catch?

The value you receive from Cell C is dependant on the kind of EPIC contract you get. The amount you can receive from Cell C ranges from up to R1,000 (if you get the EPIC 200 contract) to up to R10,000 (if you get the high-end EPIC 1000 contract).

You have to trade-in your previous cell phone to qualify for the cash back.

You’ll have to settle the value of the termination fee with your current operator yourself. Cell C will then issue you a ‘Value Card’ with the ‘Buyout Amount’ on it. You can use this card at retail stores, etc, but cannot withdraw cash from it.

The deal is only applicable to current postpaid customers.

If you have any unused value from your EPIC contract, this value isn’t rolled over from month to month.

The Contract Buy-Out amounts are at the sole discretion of Cell C and this may be based on the trade-in value of your current handset .

Even though you can get a new phone with the various EPIC contracts, it seems you usually have to pay for the phone in full over the 24 month contract period. This is opposed to other contracts which provide you with some kind of allowance that goes towards the phone.

The call, data, and SMS rates on the EPIC contracts really aren’t great (R1.89/min for voice calls, R0.99/mb for data). And they’re difficult to truly understand. What happens is that you are allocated a certain amount of ‘value’ / airtime based on the contract you choose (for example, the EPIC 200 contract will give you R200 value and cost you R129, while the EPIC 650 will give you R650 value for a price of R449) so R1.89/min of voice calls will effectively cost you between R1.22 and R1.31 based on how much you’re paying. When you go out of bundle, you’ll then be paying an effective R1.89/min.

Confusing right?? The bottom line is that the rates aren’t cheap and are (purposely?) very complex.

So is this the deal for me?

We’d recommend this deal to:

People who absolutely can’t stand their current network, need to leave ASAP, and are happy moving to Cell C.

People who have enough cash upfront to settle the termination fee themselves. (Cell C will only give you a Value Card with the ‘Buyout Amount’ on after you have provided proof of cancellation of your current contract).

People who are sure that the EPIC contracts are the optimal contracts to be on based on their usage. If you’re not sure, contact us - we can help analyse how you use your phone and recommend the best contract for you.

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