April 30, 2014

Data is definitely becoming the major expense on most peoples’ cellphone bills. This is due to the fact that our new smartphones can pretty much do everything except make you a sandwich and are extremely data dependent.

So the question is:

Do you know how much data you use in a month?

If you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of getting the right data bundles for your contract. But if you don’t, you’re probably in trouble, because once you exceed your data allocation, you’ll have to pay a steep “Out-of-bundle rate” for every megabyte you use. These out-of-bundle rates are generally much more expensive than the in-bundle (or included) rates and are often the cause of that unexpectedly high cellphone bill you receive at month’s end.

Bill shock is not fun, especially when you realise how avoidable that hefty bill was! If only you had made sure to keep your data rates low with the right bundles. As an example, you can avoid paying an exorbitant R2 per megabyte when you’re next out-of-bundle on your MTN Top Up plan and rather only pay 29c if you add a 1gig data bundle. That’s a massive saving of R1.71 per megabyte!

It’s also important that you keep in mind that when you add a data bundle onto your contract, that the bundle’s out-of-bundle rate will apply and not the out-of-bundle rate that is native to your contract. For example if you’re on an MTN Anytime 200, your out-of-bundle data rate is 65c per megabyte. But once you add a 500MB bundle, and finish the whole 500MB, the out-of-bundle rate drops to 38c per megabyte.

Previously Cell C were the champions of low out-of-bundle data costs, with their flat out-of-bundle rate of 15c per megabyte. However, they recently increased this rate to 99c, so if you are with Cell C, make sure you keep your data use in bundle, where the rate is much cheaper (between 6c and 15c per megabyte). The new champion of low out-of-bundle rates is currently Afrihost, who have a flat rate of 10c per megabyte out-of-bundle.

Here at Tariffic, our software – which recommends the most optimal combinations of tariff plans and bundles for a person – saves our customers thousands of Rands by ensuring that they are always using the best bundles according to their actual usage. To help you do the same here is a list of the out-of-bundle data rates across the various networks:

Note that these rates change on a regular basis, so the table above is correct as at the date of posting this article.

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