August 24, 2016

FNB Connect have announced that they will be introducing a new cellphone package to FNB customers, titled Unlimited Voice, which offers unlimited calling to any network for R399 per month.

Tariffic has analysed this new unlimited package to see how it stacks up to the other unlimited packages available in the market.

In order to ensure that it was comparing apples-with-apples, Tariffic has factored in the cost of adding data bundles to those unlimited voice packages that come with less data to ensure that only unlimited voice packages with 10GB of data were compared.

When you compare FNB Connect’s new Unlimited Voice package to the equivalent packages from all other mobile networks and MVNOs, you find that FNB’s new offering is very well priced, coming in cheaper than any of the competing offerings. FNB’s Unlimited Voice package is R34 cheaper than me&you mobile’s Unlimited Talk package and R135 cheaper than the next-best packages offered by Cell C and Telkom.

FNB have also announced that it will soon start selling two FNB-branded cellphones to its customers, the ConeXis X1 and ConeXis A1.

These phones will be available from FNB’s banking branches and are integrating into FNB’s ecosystem with the FNB banking app and FNB branding coming pre-installed on the phone. In an original twist, the phones will also be limited to FNB Connect SIM-cards only.

The A1 is available for R59/month with 15 minutes of bundled airtime and 50MB/month of data included, while the X1 will go for R150/month with 25 minutes and 100MB/month of data included. In addition, FNB customers can earn discounts on their cellular spend depending on their rewards level.

This move comes hot off the heels of Vodacom announcing their new Vodacom-branded smartphones and is a sign of the times of the cellphone industry. FNB is trying to establish itself as a major mobile operator and the major mobile operators are trying to entrench themselves with their client base and broaden their offering. It seems that everyone wants to own the market when it comes to mobile, but this is becoming much more than just offering cellphone contracts and is expanding into other products and value-added services.

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