February 06, 2017

In the past few months, many South African mobile operators have been offering some incredible deals. This is great news for savvy consumers who take advantage of these deals. But just how desperate are the mobile operators that they need to do whatever they can to attract new customers?

Cell C are offering customers up to R10,000 cash back if you sign up for one of its higher-end Pinnacle deals, which is the same as getting the first 10 months of your contract for FREE. Up until the end of January 2017, Pinnacle customers also received 3 times the regular value that would come with their contract (so instead of receiving 250 minutes on a Pinnacle 250, you would instead receive 750 minutes every month – for the duration of your contract).

MTN have begun sporadically offering their Fri-YAY promotions whereby new customers, who sign up on that day, would receive 50GB data and 10,000 MTN-to-MTN minutes free (every month!) on new contracts.

While I’m sure these promotions are being thought up by the relevant operators’ marketing departments in order to create a buzz around the company and the amazing deals they are offering, they are also coming at a cost.

Surely the operators aren’t making so much money per contract that they can afford such steep discounts? One can only surmise that the reason why operators are offering such significant deals, is that they are scrambling to sign up new contract customers – at any cost.

The value of a contract customer is more than just the subscription that they pay for every month. Such customers will also go out of bundle, potentially add new data contracts to their account, and, the operators hope, will be customers long after the lifespan of their 24-month contract has expired.

And so, whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a good deal on a cellphone contract, we recommend keeping your ear to the ground and make sure you’re aware of some of the amazing deals on offer these days. Of course, Tariffic keeps track of these deals as well and will post about them on our blog. That’s just one of the reasons why our customers – both consumers and corporates – are saving over 40% of their cellphone bill every month.

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