July 29, 2016

Are you interested to see if you’d save on Telkom’s brand new, much talked about, FreeMe packages?

Telkom has put its PR and marketing machines in full gear with their FreeMe packages. And these packages have certainly piqued the interest of South African consumers. But how do they really compare to some of the other offerings available in the market? Tariffic has used its unique web-based tool to crunch the numbers and find out exactly how competitive these new packages are.

FreeMe vs The Competition

Tariffic has analysed the cellular behaviour of 3 different profiles to calculate the cheapest SIM-only contract for each type of cellphone user across all major mobile network operators in South Africa.

Best packages for three types of users

As you can see above, the FreeMe packages are dominating the market, saving these users an average of 24% a month compared to the next best option! These results also show that FreeMe is competing directly with MTN’s My MTNChoice+ packages, Cell C’s ChatMore and Pinnacle packages, and Vodacom’s SmartMore Data deals. It is interesting to note that in all 3 examples, Cell C and MTN offered the next best deals, at similar price points, which was followed in every case by Vodacom, which SmartMore package were consistently significantly more expensive than the others.

So how will much FreeMe, free me?

You are not User A, B, or C – you are unique (just like everyone else!) and you use your cellphone in a unique way. That’s why you should find the right FreeMe package for you. And you don’t have to guess which package might be best for you. You can use Tariffic’s online tool, available for free at, to find your perfect packages for you on any network, including Telkom.

To find your best FreeMe package, simply follow the steps below:

1) Head over to

2) Click on “Get started now”.

3) All 4 networks are selected by default. If you don’t want to see recommendations for other networks, then simply click on their logos to deselect them. Click “Next Step”.

4) Select which handsets you would like to see deals for. The most popular handsets, as well as SIM-only deals are already selected, but you can add or remove from this list based on your desires. Click “Next Step” when you’re done.

5) If you have your cellphone bills available, and would like to find the perfect contracts based on your exact usage, then click Option 2 and upload your cellphone bills (invoices and itemised bills) on the next screen. If you don’t have the bills, you can click Option 1 to estimate your usage.

6) You will then be shown a list of the most optimal packages for you, based on the networks you’re interested in, the phones you’ve selected, and your exact usage requirements.

And that’s it! You’ll be able to see not only what the most suitable packages are for you, but also what bundles to add, and how much you’ll be expected to spend every month.

So how do the FreeMe packages compare for you? Let us know by posting the results of your personal cellphone optimisation on Facebook or Twitter (and don’t forget to mention @Tariffic).

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