March 05, 2015

With economic growth in South Africa slowing, ever increasing costs, and mounting energy woes, companies looking to save should turn to their cell phone bill for an easy win.

Let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to make sense of all the different cell phone contracts available and you’ll probably need a PhD (or at least a CA) to audit your company’s monthly cell phone bills. However, a little bit of vigilance when it comes to cell phone spend could save businesses up to half the cost of their cell phone bills, which is a nice bump to the bottom line in these difficult times.

Tariffic specialises in helping businesses save money on their corporate cell phone bills. We do this by using powerful software that can analyse cell phone bills and scientifically match users with the most cost effective contracts on the market, according to how they actually use their devices. We’ve found that most businesses are spending on average 40% more than they should when it comes to cellular and the reasons are various, but chief among them is that businesses are spending an untold fortune on cell phone contracts that are often totally unsuitable for the employees using them.

Data is also a major culprit when it comes to high cell phone bills. We see so many people running up huge bills because they’re using data beyond what their contract plan or bundles allocate them, and the costs of using out-of-bundle data are prohibitive. If the right data bundles were bought, employees would save their companies’ huge amounts of money.

Companies can often end up paying for contracts that aren’t being utilised, as a result of employee churn and the difficulty in tracking hundreds of company-funded employee cell phone contracts. You’d be surprised at how many hundreds of thousands of Rands we save our customers, simply by showing them which of their cell phone lines aren’t being utilised.

There is a frustrating lack of transparency in the cellular market, as a result of varied and complex packages, bundles, and deals available and a myriad different rates, such as on-net, off-net, peak, off-peak, in-bundle, out-of bundle, etc. Everyone we speak to knows they’re paying too much but they don’t know how to go about reducing these costs. That’s exactly why we built the software that’s at the core of our business. We saved companies millions of Rands this year alone, simply by simply cancelling dormant lines, purchasing the appropriate data bundles, and of course, using Tariffic to get employees on the right cell phone packages,

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If your business is interested in a free analysis of its cell phone bills and look at how much it can potentially trim its cell phone costs by don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0861000820 or email us at info@tariffic.com

We can help you save up to 40% off your corporate cellphone spend

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