June 01, 2016

Do you give your employees a cellphone contract, just to receive a ridiculously high cellphone bill every month?

The chances are that if you provide cellphones and/or cellphone contracts to your employees, they are taking advantage of it.

They are most likely racking up extremely high cellphone bills every single month and expecting you to settle the bill. The reality is that it is so difficult to get a handle on what is really going on with your cellphone bill that you just land up, begrudgingly, paying every month.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to take control of your corporate cell phone bill and put an end to the free ride that employees are getting.

And Tariffic is here to guide you through this process.

All you have to do is follow these easy steps to stamp out employees' cellular abuse before it hits your bottom line:

Step 1: Identify any extra costs you may be paying

Are your employees signing up for Third Party Services on their company phones?

These services often appear on the company’s bill as Content Charges and start to add up rather quickly. This happens when employees’ sign up for services such as Horoscope SMSs, daily weather reports, or even, gasp!, pornography. Employees shouldn’t be registering for these services on their company phone at all, and definitely shouldn’t be sticking you with the bill for them!

Step 2: Identify WHEN calls are getting made

Are employees making most of their calls and using most of their data during the evenings?

Are they supposed to be doing this? If not, this instantly indicates a problem which is leading to over-spend. An analysis of employees’ cellular behaviour, specifically when they are using their phones, could highlight abusive behaviour and could quickly help you crack down on employees who are taking advantage of the system.

Step 3: Identify WHO your employees are calling

Are employees mandated to call internally (i.e. other employees’ cellphones or landlines) or should they be calling externally (in the case of sales staff, for example)?

It’s important to investigate exactly who your employees are calling to identify whether they are using their cellphones as you intended. If you find, for example, that an employee is calling people not associated with your company 70% of the time, this may be a clear sign that the employee is using the phone for their personal benefit, rather than for work.

Step 4: Optimise your handset expenditure

What kind of fancy cellphones are you paying for your employees to receive?

Your employees may need company cellphone contracts, but they probably don’t need the latest and greatest cellphone every year. Be smart about what kind of cellphones you buy for which employees. You can also choose NOT to get a phone with certain contracts or you could choose to get a cheaper type of phone for some of the contracts. You can use the money you save to either reduce your subscriptions or to buy other cellphones (for executives or as spare phones, for example).

This is just the tip of the iceberg

But fear not, Tariffic can help you navigate this complicated market and help you take control of your cellphone expenditure.

Our sophisticated software and cellular-savvy consultants are available to help you with all the steps above – and more. Contact us today to start saving.

We can help you save up to 40% off your corporate cellphone spend

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