April 11, 2016

Tariffic is making headlines. We’re a hot-topic and we’ve featured on ENCA, 702, Sunday Times, Financial Mail, SAFM, Moneyweb, and much more. If you’ve missed out on any, take a look here

Most SA consumers spend more than necessary on cellphone usage

Take a listen here http://www.enca.com/media/video/most-sa-consumers-spend-more-necessary-cellphone-usage

Which network providers offer the best cellphone deals?

Take a listen here http://www.702.co.za/articles/12548/which-network-providers-offer-the-best-cellphone-deals

The silent customer revolution has a tool - make the most of it

Cellphone fees, tariffs and bundles are not what they seem. More significantly, the public perception of the most economical or most expensive networks does not always reflect the true position. This is one of the key underlying messages emerging from an analysis conducted by Tariffic, a South African company that analyses company cellphone bills and recommends the best packages based on existing behaviour.

Read more here http://www.timeslive.co.za/sundaytimes/businesstimes/opinion/2016/03/27/The-silent-customer-revolution-has-a-tool---make-the-most-of-it

Cellphone bills: Tariffic mobile savings

CELLPHONE spend-management company Tariffic has launched an online tool for consumers to save money on their cellphone bills. Tariffic uses its software platform to analyse mobile phone bills and work out how much a user could save if they moved to a contract that was better suited to their lifestyle and usage patterns. It gives users the option to switch to another telecom operator, if the other operator offers a more competitive package.

Read more here http://www.financialmail.co.za/features/2016/03/10/cellphone-bills-tariffic-mobile-savings

Don’t be swindled into expensive cell phone contracts

Tariffic suggests cell phone contracts and networks that are best suited to each consumer’s individual voice and data needs. Initially set up to reduce the cell phone expenses of companies, and take a commission on the savings made to those businesses, the company is now opening its service to South African consumers. Tariffic’s service is the only one of its kind in South Africa and is run with proprietary software, which goes through each item on a cell phone bill and collates a list of comparative alternatives from each network provider.

Read more here http://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/south-africa/stop-being-swindled-into-expensive-cell-phone-contracts/

The SA networks with the best handset deals

MTN and Cell C have emerged as the mobile networks that offer the best smartphone deals to consumers. This is according to the latest quarterly “Perfect Package Tracker” released by Tariffic, the company that analyses the network operators’ tariffs and deals and helps businesses and retail consumers reduce their cellular spending.

Read more here http://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/industry/the-sa-networks-with-the-best-handset-deals/

Online service promises savings on phone contracts

A new online service aims to help South Africans attain a lower cost option when it comes to cellphone contracts. Tariffic, which to date has served the corporate market, on Tuesday announced that it was offering its cellphone contract reduction service to the general public.

Read more here http://www.fin24.com/Tech/Mobile/online-service-promises-savings-on-phone-contracts-20160302

Check if your cellphone contract is the best deal with Tariffic

‘’Tariffic has launched a consumer version of its online tool, allowing South African cellphone users to see how they can save money on their monthly bill. Tariffic states that consumers can “stop guessing” which cellphone contract they should choose, and find their “perfect” deal by following three steps.’’

Read more here http://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/156951-check-if-your-cellphone-contract-is-the-best-deal-with-tariffic.html

Vodacom has the worst deals for smartphones, MTN has the best: Tariffic

Tariffic has published its quarterly Perfect Package Tracker, with the Q1 2016 report focusing on smartphone deals.

Read more here http://mybroadband.co.za/news/smartphones/159402-the-best-smartphone-contract-deals-in-south-africa.html

How to lower your cellphone bill

Take a listen here https://soundcloud.com/powerfm987/how-to-lower-your-cellphone-bill

We can help you save up to 40% off your corporate cellphone spend

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