October 17, 2016

Are you looking to get your hands on the brand new iPhone 7, which was just released in South Africa on Friday? Well if so, you’re in luck because Tariffic, a company that helps individuals & businesses save money on their cellphone bills, has used its online contract optimisation tool (available for free at to find the best iPhone 7 deals in the market. The results show, very definitively, that Cell C is back in the game and is offering the best deals in town.

Tariffic identified the best iPhone 7 32GB and iPhone 7 Plus 32GB deals for three different hypothetical users – Susanne who uses 200 minutes and 1GB of data; Dineo who uses 350 minutes and 2.5GB of data; and Tshepo who uses 500 minutes and 5GB of data. Tariffic’s analyses calculated the optimal all-in price that each user would pay every month, which includes their subscription (with any additional handset installment), add-on bundles, and out-of-bundle spend. The company listed the promotional extras that the mobile network operators are offering as well.

Tariffic’s results were astonishing in their uniformity. In 5 out of 6 cases, Cell C offered the best iPhone 7 deals, followed by Telkom, MTN, and then Vodacom. The only exception was for the user who wanted the iPhone 7 Plus for 200 minutes and 1GB of usage, in which case Telkom and Cell C switched places, with Telkom coming in most affordable. Vodacom’s deals are the most expensive in every case, which, Tariffic notes, is no surprise with Vodacom intentionally choosing to compete on network quality rather than price.

Antony Seeff, Tariffic’s CEO, comments on the results saying, “it looks like Cell C is shaking up the market once again, offering the most competitive iPhone 7 deals in nearly every case we explored”. Not long ago, Tariffic found MTN offering the cheapest handset deals, which was overtaken recently by Telkom who launched some aggressive pricing on their FreeMe packages. “Cell C”, Seeff continues “are blowing everyone out of the water with the promotional value that they’re offering until the end of January 2017 on their just-released Pinnacle packages”. Tariffic explains that these Pinnacle packages are offering 3 times the regular amount of voice minutes and SMSs for users who sign up before the end of January 2017, which is valid for the lifetime of the contract. So, if you take out a Pinnacle 250 now, you will get 750 minutes (rather than the regular 250 minutes) every single month for the next 24 months. This unfortunately doesn’t extend to the data component of the offering, which is the first aspect most consumers are looking for, but is nonetheless still a great deal, according to Tariffic.

In addition, Cell C are offering cash-back with certain of their new Pinnacle contracts, which means that customers can receive a gift card with a value of up to R10,000 (depending on the contract chosen), just for signing up.

Seeff however cautions, “everyone is unique and everyone uses their cellphones in a unique way”. He continues, “you are not Sussanne, Dineo, or Tshepo – and the cellphone packages that are right for them probably aren’t right for you”. “We really encourage people looking to get a new contract to find the best contract and handsets deals for them based on their unique requirements”. “This can be done by carefully interrogating the packages available, together with your specific needs; or by using Tariffic’s online tool, available for free at”, said Seeff.


Tariffic was founded in 2011 to help consumers and businesses save money on their cellphone bills. Tariffic’s mission is to help cellphone users understand, optimise, and manage their cellphone spend and cellular usage.

Tariffic’s award-winning software has been recognised as a unique innovation, on an international scale. In 2012 Tariffic was awarded a Support Program for Industrial Innovation (SPII) grant for global innovation by the Department of Trade & Industry deeming components of its software a world first. In 2013 Tariffic was invited to the Enterprise Technology Show to present and discuss its global innovation, and in 2014 Tariffic was a finalist in Microsoft’s Start Up Tel-Aviv competition and a guest at the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa’s prestigious Innovation Summit, to name a few accolades. In 2016, Tariffic received Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 New Product Innovation Award in the Value-Added services industry in South Africa. Tariffic is also a graduate of Microsoft’s BizSpark and BizSpark+ programmes.

Tariffic is partly owned by Saicom Holdings. The Saicom group of companies are leaders in business telecommunication, largely focusing on telephony systems for corporate clients, VoIP operators, and international Telco carriers. Through its subsidiaries, including Saicom Voice Services and Saicom Technology, Saicom have rolled out telecommunications solutions to government departments, municipalities, financial institutions, and some of the largest call centres and corporations around South Africa and the African continent.

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