Tariffic's Disclaimer

We find you the perfect contracts and bundles on each network, according to how you use your phone. Our proprietary software analyses your itemised cell phone bills in order to figure out exactly how you use your phone and then calculates the most cost-effective combinations of contracts and add-on bundles for you, based on your historical usage patterns. We call this “Tariff Optimisation.”

Our optimisations are based on price alone and do not take network quality or coverage into account.

We are not affiliated to any of the cellular networks and that gives us the complete freedom to recommend only the most cost effective contracts and bundles for you.

Our mission is to make sense of the complex cellular market and all the choice out there so that you don’t have to. We provide you with the most accurate contract and bundle recommendations as is reasonably possible. Although we always strive for perfection we do not guarantee the accuracy of our optimisations or the potential savings that we calculate.

The following disclaimers explain our methodologies when it comes scientifically determining the perfect, most cost-effective combinations of contracts and bundles for each person

  1. Optimisations only work if you have an ordinary postpaid, open cell phone contract and bundles from Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom. We also only recommend contracts and bundles from South Africa’s four cellular networks operators, not from any MVNOs, ISPs or other independent cellular data providers.
  2. We don’t work with prepaid or top-up contracts, although we may look to do so in the future if itemised billing is provided to prepaid and top-up users.
  3. We only recommend ordinary postpaid open cell phone contracts. We do not recommend sim-only contracts, business-only contracts, closed user groups deals or other special deals.
  4. Should price increases on contracts and/or bundles affect all existing service provider customers, we update our database of contracts and bundles as soon as announcements of price increases are made, not when the price increases actually come into affect.
  5. We do not expect you to change the way you use your phone. In fact, we assume that your behaviour will remain constant. This means that if you do change how you use your phone, the potential spend and savings we have calculated on the recommended contracts will not remain accurate. This is why we do not guarantee your potential spend or savings.
  6. Potential spend and savings figures are based on the monthly bill total that you give us, and when we refer to your current spend, we’re referring to what you filled in as your monthly bill total. Please be aware that your current monthly bill total may include the cost of your handset as well, while the Tariffic recommendations assume no additional handset is taken.
  7. Tariffic is best used when your cell phone contract is already expired or expiring soon, and you are looking for a new contract. At present Tariffic can’t help you save while you are still in the middle of a contract, although we are looking at some cool solutions to this.
  8. We endeavor to keep our system as up to date as is reasonably possible. We use publically available information regarding the details of all contracts and bundles in the market. However, sometimes the publically available contract and bundle information may be incorrect or outdated, and that will affect the outcomes of our optimisations.
  9. Our software can extract your usage (also known as call data records or CDRs) from a variety of different itemised billing formats. If we receive billing in a different format, that we haven’t seen before, we’ll update our systems accordingly. We don’t guarantee that all information will be accurately extracted from the bills received. If you think that we have not extracted your usage correctly, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  10. Our optimisations are generated using the information that Tariffic extracts from your itemised cell phone bills and consequently the accuracy of our optimisations is contingent on the accuracy of the billing information we receive from you/the networks.
  11. You can give us one month of itemised cell phone billing when you use our service, but at least two or three months will allows us to build a more realistic model of how you use your phone. A single month may be misleading if it does not reflect your general behaviour. If there is a large amount of variation across a number of months of billing received, this may also skew the optimisation.
  12. If you give us one month of billing and it includes usage from the previous month (known as back billing), this may bias the recommendations.
  13. We don’t optimise international roaming spend - we assume all international roaming charges will remain the same.
  14. We assume every international number dialed is a cell phone number. We have international call rates for nearly every country in the world.
  15. We take into account which network a ported number is on currently - for example we know when a 072 or 082 number has moved across to MTN.
  16. Tariffic analyses the following usage types only: calls, text and data. We do not analyse MMS or any content charges. May skew the total
  17. If you have a data-only contract (such as a data SIM in a tablet), we’ll never recommend that you move to a combination voice and data contract (even if you make calls on your data-only contract – which is never advisable). We’ll make sure you are on the most cost effective data contract available. The opposite is also true with regard to only using data on you regular contract that is for calls and data use.
  18. If you are on a data package we optimise for data usage only. If you have voice or SMS usage on a data package, Tariffic does not factor in this usage.
  19. We don’t take time-dependent data bundles into account (such a night-owl or night-surfer data bundles) when it comes to analysing your usage. This is because the networks do not provide sufficient billing information for time-dependent data bundles.
  20. We also don’t recommend any time-dependent data bundles for the above reason, but you will still get them if they are included in a contract.
  21. If you currently receive any free network services (example free Whatsapp or Twitter) or even accumulated “free” minutes, we will not be able to take into account how much data or minutes those services consume. This is because the networks may not provide you with sufficient billing information.
  22. Data bundles purchased from 3rd parties (like your bank), do not show up on your cell phone invoices or itemised bills, so you may be underestimating your current spend. When filling in what you currently spend, please include the cost of any of these bundles.
  23. The contracts that Tariffic recommends are the base tariff plans that all service providers are obliged to register with ICASA. Service providers also release a plethora of special deals into the market (which are available for limited periods of time and do not have to be registered with ICASA). Because these special deals are only available for limited periods of time, we may not recommend them. However it is always worth checking if there is a special deal on the contract we recommend as it may have a larger handset subsidy or other additional inclusive value. The section of the reports that list what the package includes may be under-stating the value that you could really receive if there are deals available.
  24. Your Savings Report is only valid on the date on which the Report is generated. This is because the market is constantly changing and new contracts and bundles are frequently released. We advise you act on our recommendations as soon as possible so that the information is not out of date.
  25. Please don’t have a heart attack if your first bill total, post porting to a Tariffic recommendation is much higher than usual. This is very common because after you port to a new contract, you’ll still receive an invoice for your last month on your old contract, along with the subscription for the new contract. From month two, you’ll receive normal billing.
  26. What about the phone?

  27. We optimise and recommend contracts without your particular choice of cell phone in mind. This is so that we can match your usage to only the most suitable and cost-effective contracts and bundles. In your Savings Report we show the total monthly cost of each recommended contract, whilst assuming that on each contract you would be taking a phone that does not require any additional pay in.
  28. Remember that you can generally get any phone with any contract and that the phone you choose can affect what you will pay each month. For example, if you take a more expensive phone, you will be required to pay in over and above the standard monthly subscription. This will in turn decrease the amount we say you will be able to save. Please be aware that your monthly bill totals may include the extra pay in for your more expensive phone and our recommendations will not include the same type of phone.
  29. We strive to make our optimisations as accurate as possible, and to do this we have to compare apples with apples when it comes to all the different contracts. To do this we do so by takinge the handset subsidies that come with many contracts, into account. The handset subsidy is also known as a Connection Incentive Bonus (CIB) and by taking this inclusive value into account we ensure that we’re analysing contracts on a like-for-like basis. We look at the amounts of the handset subsides so that we can recommend the contracts that give you the best value for your money. This means that we may recommend a contract with a much higher handset subsidy above a contract with a lower one. Tariffic estimates the value of the handset subsidy where necessary.

These disclaimers updated on 07/28/2015