Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Tariffic Optimisation?

A Tariffic Optimisation is the analysis of exactly how you use your phone and the finding of the most cost effective combination of contracts and bundles for you. Tariffic understands your cellular behaviour by looking at the historical usage on your cell phone bills. A Tariffic Optimisation shows how you use your phone, what the perfect contract for you would be and how much you could save.

Does Tariffic sell cellphone contracts or phones?

Tariffic does not offer cellphone contracts or add-on bundles directly, but will recommend the optimal contracts and bundles for you. You can then take our recommendations directly to your service provider of choice for them to sell you your perfect contract.

Does Tariffic work if I’m on prepaid?

You can only upload your bill for Tariffic to analyse your usage if you are on a post-paid cellphone contract. This is because we require your itemised bill which is the rocket fuel that powers our systems to find the perfect package for you. Itemised billing is not regularly available on prepaid.

You can however still estimate your usage to find the perfect package for you.

Tariffic only recommends post-paid packages at the moment.

Does Tariffic work if I’m on a Top Up contract?

You can only upload your bill for Tariffic to analyse your usage if you are on a post-paid cellphone contract. This is because we require your itemised bill which is the rocket fuel that powers our systems to find the perfect package for you. Itemised billing is not regularly available on top-up/hybrid contracts.

You can however still estimate your usage to find the perfect package for you.

Tariffic only recommends post-paid packages at the moment.

Is there an app for Tariffic?

We don’t have a native app right now but we are working on one that will be awesome. In the meanwhile, Tariffic only works through your computers web browser.

Please reach out to us if you have any suggestions for features to include in our app when it launches.

Do you just recommend me a better contract on the network I’m on?

No, you can choose what networks you would like to see recommendations for.

What does it mean if a line can’t be optimised?

Tariffic only works on regular postpaid cell phone contracts that receive complete itemised billing. Tariffic cannot optimise Top Up contracts or contracts where there is a problem with the itemised billing.

What if I’m already on the perfect package?

It is certainly possible that you’re already on the perfect, most cost-effective contract. If this is the case, congratulations on all the money you’ve already saved by not being on the wrong contract.

Tariffic however will not only show you the best contract for you to be on, but will recommend the best bundles to add to those contracts as well. We will also show you the best contract on all the South African cellular networks so you can see how much you can save should you wish to move networks.

What if my contract isn’t expiring anytime soon?

If you still have a bunch of months left before your contract expires then we recommend you wait until just before it does, before using Tariffic. This is because new contracts and bundles come out all the time and your optimisation may no longer be valid if it’s a few months old

When should I use Tariffic?

You can use Tariffic anytime in order to see how you’re using your phone, but the best time to pay for your optimisation is just before your contract expires and you’re free to take out a brand new (suitable!) contract or port your number.

How does Tariffic find me the right contract/package?

Using your itemised cell phone bills Tariffic looks at every second of the day that you call, send SMSs and use data. Tariffic extracts this historical usage information and tests it against every possible permutation of contract and bundle in the market in order to find the perfect, most cost-effective combination for you.

Tariffic essentially runs a cost simulation to see which combination of contract and bundle will suit you best, taking into account what the different contracts include (in terms of minutes, SMS and megabytes) as well as the different call rates that apply at all times.

There’s no guesswork or thumb-sucking involved – this is pure science!

What deals does Tariffic recommend?

Tariffic will recommend all voice contracts and deals that are currently offered by the 4 major South African cellular operators (as contained in their monthly broadsheets).

Tariffic however will not recommend the following deals:

• Deals that contain laptops, fridges, watches and any other non phone

• 36 month deals

• Packages that allow for a new phone every 12 months

What happens if I get an allowance from my company for my cell phone contract?

If this is the case we still recommend that you use Tariffic to help you find the contract that is just right for you.

You can also put us in touch with your employer to see if they’d be interested in offering Tariffic services to you and your colleagues for free as an employee value-add.

What if I want to upload billing for more than 20 lines?

If you have billing for more than 20 lines then you’ll need to use our corporate offering. See here for more details.

Is this service only available in South Africa?

Tariffic is proudly South African, having been developed in South Africa for the South African market. We hope to expand to other markets all over the world, but for now, we only work in South Africa.

What if I selected the wrong cell phone contracts to be analysed?

If you have selected the wrong cell phone contract to be analysed and have not paid yet then you can go back and re-select the correct package. If you have however already paid to have the wrong package optimised and have been shown the optimisation for that package unfortunately you’re going to have to go back and select the contracts you want analysed at additional cost. But don’t worry, you wont have to upload the billing again.

Is this for voice contracts only or do you do data contracts as well?

Tariffic currently only offers its services for voice contracts, but we do plan on offering optimisations for data contracts in the near future.

Do you recommend any data providers who aren’t the networks?

We do not currently recommend any data offerings from anyone other than the 4 South African networks.

Are you affiliated with any service providers?

Tariffic is not affiliated with any of the networks or service providers. While we may provide custom solutions to networks or service providers, Tariffic's optimisation technology will remain totally independent and unbiased, so you can trust us to simply advise you on the most cost-effective contracts and bundles according to how you use your phone.

Tariffic is awesome, do you have an API?

We do have an API and for more information please contact us on 0861 000 820 or at

Saving Money

I followed your recommendation but I haven’t saved as much as you’d said?

If you haven’t saved as much as we said you would, we’re very sorry but there could be a number of reasons for this, such as:

• You chose an expensive smartphone with your contract, which increased the monthly subscriptions and decreased potential savings

• Your behaviour has changed and you now use your phone more, which decreased potential savings.

Can I get my money back if you can’t save me money?

We’ll show you upfront the exact amount of money you can save by following the Tariffic recommendations before any payment is due. You may still choose to purchase your Tariffic Optimisation should you wish but then the amount paid will be non-refundable. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information, including the fact that Tariffic does not promise or guarantee any savings.

How much will an optimisation save me?

Once your upload your bills we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much you can expect to save, before you pay a cent. This amount will depend entirely on how you use your phone, however we have been saving people on average 30% - 40%.

The optimisation says I can’t save any money, why would this be?

There are eight possible reasons why you may not be able to save anything. However our recommendations are still 100% accurate according to how you actually use your device. The reasons are as follows:

1. Fluctuating monthly usage may obscure your monthly savings, as what you save one month to the next will differ. Our report presents an average of these savings so large fluctuations can cause negative savings.

2. Tariffic averages all the months of usage you give us and asks you the total off your last invoice. If you haven’t given us the right invoice total there can be a discrepancy between your average usage and current spend, causing negative savings

3. If you give us an anomalous month’s usage (where one month’s usage is much lower than the other months given) this can obscure the true savings.

4. If you add or remove bundles in different months, we'll only look at the invoices for your most recent configuration of package & bundles that you have in place, which means that savings can be obscured.

5. If your current package gives you more minutes and megabytes than you use monthly, the unused value carries over each month, which gives you ‘extra value’ for the following month. This is not sustainable and so Tariffic would often recommend a smaller package in this case which is based on your actual usage.

6. Its possible that you are already on the best package for your needs, so congratulations are in order! This means that none of the other networks can give you the bang for buck you’re currently receiving. Although you should consider whether it’s not worth moving for better coverage or service

7. Its possible that you are on a special deal, that was only available for a limited period of time, and nothing out there in the market currently provides better value for the way you use your phone.

8. If you purchase bundles from a third party (like your bank) and they don’t reflect on your service provider’s invoices, Tariffic will not be able to pick it up. This will then create a discrepancy between your usage and current spend.

Your Cell Phone Bills

What bills do I need to upload?

Tariffic needs your most recent months of bills so that it can understand exactly how you use your phone. For each month you need to upload the monthly invoice and the monthly itemised billing. Please don’t try uploading statements, letters or selfies.

The Tariffic system works best when you upload at least 3 months of billing so that it can get a detailed understanding of your regular monthly usage.

Depending on your service provider and how you receive your bills, monthly invoices and itemised billing may be sent to you in one file or in two separate ones. Click here to see what invoices and itemised billing looks like.

What does it mean if something has gone wrong with my bill upload and the bill has failed to parse?

If you get this error message after uploading your bills, it means that Tariffic has never seen bills like yours before and can’t understand them just yet. When this happens, we just need a few days to teach Tariffic how to read your new type of bills and as soon as we have we’ll email you a link to your optimisation.

Please be sure to check that you’ve uploaded your cellphone bill (and not your bank statement!) and that it is in digital format and not scanned (if this is the case, you should be able to select the text in a PDF document).

What are monthly invoices?

The invoice lists all the charges connected to an individual’s postpaid cellphone number, including, but not limited to:

• The type of contract/Tariff plan and its monthly subscription amount;

• any add-on bundles and their costs;

• extra costs such as subscription services or value added services (VAS services);

• Discounts passed by the service provider;

• Amount paid monthly for device insurance

Total amounts spent on calls, SMSs and data over the preceding month

What is itemised billing?

Itemised billing (also referred to as itemised usage records) is a record of all the usage connected to a specific cellphone number over the billing period. It is a record of exactly how you have been using your phone and lists:

• All calls made, their durations and costs

• All SMSs sent

• All data used

Most of the service providers charge extra for itemised billing, which they then send to you (or make available online) every month, along with your monthly invoice.

Why is itemised billing so important?

Itemised billing is at the core of Tariffic; it is the lifeblood that pumps through our software’s digital veins, allowing it to analyse exactly how you use your phone so that you can be matched with the perfect contract according to your needs.

What if I don’t get itemised billing?

Not a problem - you can still estimate your usage to find the perfect package for you.

What are you going to do with my itemised billing?

The Tariffic system uses your itemised billing to figure out how you use your phone so that we can find the most cost effective contracts and bundles for you. No human being ever sees your bills and we don’t use any of your personal information - we’re bound by our privacy policy and all the laws and regulations of South Africa.

Corporate Offering - Tariffic for your Business

How much can I save my business?

We have been saving our clients on average between 30% - 40% on their cellphone bills. However, we can’t tell you how much your business can save until we’ve received your bills and our Tariffic for Business system has analysed them. We’ll do this for free, so that you know how much your business stands to save before you pay us anything.

Which other companies have you done work for?

We’ve helped a whole host of companies save significantly on their cellphone bills. See here to see who some of those companies are.

What if I give my employees a cell phone allowance?

Even if you give your employees cell phone allowances, it is advisable to get them on the most suitable and cost effective contracts so that the size of the allowance is reasonable. You may currently be paying too much or too little. Speak us for more information.

How much will a Tariffic Optimisation cost my business?

Tariffic has special rates for business. Please contact us for more information.

Does Tariffic optimise APN solutions or business enterprise solutions?

Tariffic does not currently optimise these types of solutions, but we can help you figure out the best solution for your businesses needs. Please contact us for more information