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Tariffic has been
mending your technology
spend since 2011

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Reduce your company's cell phone bills by up to 40% through Tariffic's cellular management & savings solutions.

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Reduce your company’s call costs through world class VoIP and cloud-based PBX Telephony.

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Reduce your company’s bulk SMS costs through SMS Least Cost Routing.

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Reduce your company’s hardware costs through a hardware operating lease.

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Reduce your networking costs through world leading SD Wan solutions

The costs of technology and telecommunications is stifling the growth of the South African economy. Since 2011, Tariffic has been committed to reducing the friction that stifles the growth of the telecoms and technology sector in South Africa.

Tariffic will reduce the overall costs of technology in your hands. Contact us today and tell us how we can help you with:

Cellular Spend
  • Reduce the costs of your corporate cell phone calls

    •  What is your monthly corporate cell phone spend?

    • How many SIM cards do you have in your business?


Tariffic’s management dashboards and optimization software for corporate cell phones can fundamentally change your business and save you significant money.


PABX and Call Costs

  • Reduce the costs of your office phone bill

    • How many extensions do you have? 

    • What is your monthly corporate PABX and call cost spend? 

    • Do you have an on-site PABX

Today all telephony and PBX happens in the cloud. If you are still stuck with an on-premise device with Telkom lines and LCR SIM cards, we can reduce your costs and move you into the future.


  • Reduce the costs of your bulk SMS’ing 

    • Do you send more than 100 000 SMS’s a month?

    • Do you do marketing and notification SMS’s


We can help you reduce costs and offer you a superior service with direct interconnects as well as SMS LCR.



  • Do you have multiple branches and data links? 

    • Has your MPLS become old and expensive technology?

    • Do you want an easy solution to manage your data links?


Reduce costs and improve bandwidth with next generation SD WAN – Software Defined Wide Area Networks.

Operating Leases

  • Is the costs of technology hardware stifling your progress into the future?

    • Companies often don’t take the leap into innovation because of the prohibitive costs of new Technology. 


Tariffic can help by providing you with a pure operating lease for your VoIP Phones, Computer Servers, PC’s, Routers, CCTV Cameras, Printers, Copiers and scanners. Be at the forefront of innovation and let us worry about the costs.

Allow Tariffic to mend your technology spend. Contact us for a quote.

About us

Our Mission

Tariffic’s mission is to help companies save as much as possible on their corporate technology and telecommunications bills. 

Our Goal

Tariffic’s goal is to eliminate the mind-boggling overspend and simplify the unnecessary complexity that defines South Africa’s technology industry. We aim to provide clarity, transparency and the unbiased truth about saving the most money based on our client’s actual needs. Whether its Voice, SMS, Data or Hardware – Tariffic has the tailored solution for you.

Allow Tariffic to mend your technology spend. Contact us for a quote.


Howard Sackstein:
Co-Founder & Director 

Howard is an innovator with an eye for detail and an incredible ability to spot a gap in the market. He is a qualified attorney with BA and LLB degrees from Wits University and a Masters degree from Brandeis University in the USA. Howard also studied International Conflict Resolution under Prof Herb C. Kelman at Harvard University and completed his law articles (and worked as an attorney) at Werksmans Attorneys. 

From 1994-2000, Howard was employed as Executive Director at the Independent Electoral Commission and from there he moved to Healthbridge, as their Chief Operating Officer. In 2006, Howard co-founded Saicom Voice Services and he remains a Director of IOTEL (Pty) Ltd, Saicom Voice Services (Pty) Ltd and Tariffic (Pty) Ltd. Howard is also Chairperson of the SA Jewish Report (Pty) Ltd and is Chairperson of the South African Jewish Achiever Awards. 

When he isn’t busy working, Howard spends his time mastering social media, being an explosive political activist, travelling all over the world and being life’s official photographer. 

Leor Atie:

Co-Founder & Director

Leor is a Chartered Accountant and certified financial guru and entrepreneur. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce and Honours (in Accounting) from the University of Witwatersrand. Following this Leor completed his articles at Fisher Hoffman Stride, after which he spent 7 years with the Dimension Data Group, including 4 years as the financial director of Internet Solutions and 3 years as a director of Protocol Venture Capital. 

In 2006 Leor founded Saicom Cellular Solutions and then co-founded Saicom Voice Services. He remains a Director of IOTEL (Pty) Ltd, Saicom Voice Services (Pty) Ltd and Tariffic (Pty) Ltd. Leor is past President of the South African chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) and has acted as Treasurer of the Israel United Appeal / United Communal Fund.

In his spare time Leor – a lapsed golfer - enjoys trail running (after falling off his bicycle one too many times) and running after his children. 

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