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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help cell phone users save money by scientifically finding the optimal contracts & bundles for them, based on their behaviour.

We strive to be the cellular consumer champion and to empower cell phone users to understand the cellular market, see through all the complexity, and act in their own best interest.

We're all about the Science of Cellular Savings.

Our Story

Tariffic was founded in 2011, by Adam Pantanowitz, Howard Sackstein, & Leor Atie, to help consumers and businesses save money on their cell phone bills.  They locked a few engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists in our Dev Cave for three long years until the perfect system was finally designed.  This system is able to understand cell phone bills in various formats, recommend the perfect contracts & bundles for cell phone users based on their behaviour, and report on it all in an easy-to-understand yet incredibly detailed manner.  ​

Tariffic launched its corporate offering in late 2013 and has been helping companies save millions of Rands since.  A reseller platform was launched in mid-2014, along with an API for Tariffic’s partners to access the system directly.  Tariffic’s disruption of the cellular industry continued in early 2015 with the launch of a phenomenal, easy-to-use consumer website.

Tariffic’s award-winning software has been recognised as an unique innovation, on an international scale. In 2012 Tariffic was awarded a Support Program for Industrial Innovation (SPII) grant for global innovation by the Department of Trade & Industry deeming components of Tariffic a world first. In 2016, Tariffic received Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 New Product Innovation Award in the Value-Added services industry in South Africa. Tariffic is also a member ofMicrosoft’s BizSpark and BizSpark+ programmes.​

Tariffic is partly owned by

Saicom Holdings.

The Saicom group of companies are leaders in business telecommunication, largely focusing on telephony systems for corporate clients, VoIP operators, and international Telco carriers.

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